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"Why choose us?  It's  simple.   We love what we do.  All of us.  Every crew member.  When interviewing new staff, I find out their interests, aspirations and goals to make sure they are as passionate about painting as I am.  Otherwise they're not a good fit."  Mark Hall, Owner

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Mark Hall founded Professional Touch Painting in 1998.  After apprenticing for 5 years, learning the trade of high-end custom painting on new and existing structures, Mark took the advice of numerous clients that recognized his innate ability to identify with folks as well as run a crew to get a job done right and one time - and started his own company.


Since the very beginning, Professional Touch Painting has always put quality ahead of everything else and worked hard to ensure 100% client satisfaction in all aspects of their work.  



Our Managers and Crews

Every painter on every crew is hand-picked and vetted personally by Mark to ensure their skills are up to par when it comes to prepping, painting and appearing professional.  We pride ourselves on having the best craftsmen (and women) in the business, and believe in paying a better than fair wage so we can keep the good staff we hire.  We're also bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

Your project will have a manager on site to ensure work gets done efficiently and to our standards.

The Communication

We recognize the importance of keeping you informed.  We promise to answer every call within  24 hours - and on the same day whenever feasible.  On big jobs, you’ll get a weekly status update letting you know what was accomplished and what’s next.  You’ll never be in the dark.


The Materials

You may think this should go without saying, but we only use the best materials for our jobs.  Some painters cut corners to boost profits by using cheap paint.  The end result is a job that looks bad and doesn’t last.  We prefer Sherwin Williams paint and primers because they go on the best and last the longest.   As a leading paint contractor in Edmond and Oklahoma City, a Sherwin Williams representative will often come out to our sites to ensure accurate paint matching when necessary.


The Finished Product

We take extra steps to make sure you love your new paint or stain.   In addition to meticulous prepping, painting and staining, we’ll also go so far as to get color samples and apply them so you can see them first hand and decide what colors you want.  We also have a designer on call to help you with colors and coordinating if you need help as well.


Our Guarantee

Every job is guaranteed for one year.  That means if you find a flaw in our work, or if it’s not wearing as expected, we’ll come out and remedy it at no extra charge. You'll be happy you chose Professional Touch as your as paint company.

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