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Dolese Mansion in Oklahoma City Crown Heights Historic District

The current owners of the Dolese Mansion in Edgemere Park have trusted Professional Touch to keep its exterior looking as good or better than when it was new.

Historic Restoration

When driving through Oklahoma City's historic preservation areas, you shouldn't be surprised to see our signs in one or more yards of homes being renovated. Professional Touch Painting has extensive experience in Oklahoma City's historic preservation areas with a reputation for high quality work that satisfies even the most discerning homeowners.  Our firm has 15 years of experience in lead abatement, and our employees are Lead Safe Certified.  We use state of the art paint shavers and sanders with HEPA vaccuums to ensure the job site remains clean and safe.

The key to a successful historic restoration is to remove the layers upon layers of paint that has been applied over the years with power washing, machine sanding and hand sanding hard to reach places.  Failure to remove previous layers of paint only results in an uneven paint job that will peel off within a few years and only be harder for the next person that comes along and wants to do it right.

We're also experts when it comes to wood window repair and restoration.  Click here to see more examples of our historic window restorations.

A stairwell with layers and layers of paint is no problem.  We'll carefully remove any existing finishes, sand the surface and reapply paint or stain so your stairs have the same definition they had when they were originally constructed.

Sanding and old paint removal
Primed and Filled
Historic Restoration "After"
Historic Porch Before
During - Door Paint Removal
Before restoration
"After" photo of historic restoratio

This gallery shows a historic restoration in Oklahoma City's Heritage Hills while it was in progress.  Each surface was touched four times (power wash, machine sand, caulk / fill, prime) before being painted.  The end result is a smooth finish that will last for years and years and protect the home.

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