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Professional Touch Painting and Remodeling has tons of experience with removing existing finishes from cabinets and transitioning them to natural wood stain.

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Interiors and Wood Refinishing

As with all our jobs, it's more than painting.  It's making your surface look as good or better than new.  For interior fine trim painting it means starting with solid prep.


We move all furniture to the middle of the room and cover with plastic.  This way all trim is easily accessible.   Then we do hand sanding on baseboards and casings as well as remove all the doors.  All the trim will be sanded twice to ensure no spot is missed.


After sanding, we’ll clean the surface to be painted, fill in flaws with caulking and make any necessary repairs that couldn’t be remedied with sanding.  Doors are taken to an open area for sanding and painting - all doors are sprayed as opposed to brushed to achieve a professional finish.

We understand how disruptive it can be to have workers inside your home and the kind of adjustments you must make during the process.  Professional Touch Painting is experienced with accurate time estimates and will finish on time.

On walls, we fill all nail holes and make necessary repairs.  Our team will brush and/or roll two coats.  Two coats is always preferable when covering existing paint - especially when that old paint is a different product than the new paint - to achieve a uniform finish and the quality our clients expect when hiring a professional paint contractor.


Ceilings receive the same amount of preparation as the walls - including any necessary repairs - and are also brushed and/or rolled twice.  We match surface textures on sheetrock prior to painting so the repair seamlessly blends in.


If you need help picking colors, we have an interior designer on call to help with that, and we’ll happily apply paint samples so you can see options before making your decision.

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