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Surface Preparation Experts

Here's an example of our crew prepping a much neglected surface in Oklahoma City. It is so important to spend time prepping a surface properly - especially on existing structures where we're repainting. By the time we're finished, we will have touched every inch of our project four or more times - power washing, machine-sanding, caulking, priming and painting. All of the prep work up front means your new paint will look beautiful longer and not need to be redone in just a few years.

So often we run across jobs where the previous paint contractor didn't do the right prep. The result is a paint job that didn't look good to begin with and started flaking off early. If someone gives you a paint quote that's too good to be true, it probably is. It probably means they are doing the minimum amount of prep work and using cheap paint to cut costs and make a greater profit. We take pride in our work and satisfying customers and would never cut corners for short term gain. We have the equipment, the know how and the work ethic to get the job done right.

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