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Refresh stained-wood kitchen cabinets

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Going from stained-wood cabinets to paint can change the whole look of your kitchen and give you a fresh new look for a lot less than replacing the cabinets. Trust Professional Touch Painting and Remodeling to make your cabinets look as though they were painted from the get go!

Here's an example of a recent project where we completely stripped and refinished the cabinets and trim, giving a whole new look to a previously dated-looking kitchen.

Our process includes:

  • Removing any doors, drawers and hardware we can.

  • Moving items to either your garage where we tape off and seal the work area or to our workshop.

  • Carefully taping off areas of the room where you don't want over-spray.

  • Sanding the stained surface down to the bare wood with a professional vacuum sander and even hand-sanding when necessary.

  • Carefully priming and applying paint with a spray tool.

  • Reinstalling all cabinets.

We've done this for dozens of homeowners for years and look forward to giving your cabinets a fresh, modern look, too.

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